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From: Roderick A. Anderson (raanders_at_acm.org)
Date: Mon 29 Mar 2004 - 20:38:11 BST

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Sam Vilain wrote:

> Turning off the modules you don't use is a minefield, there is no
> simple answer.

Boy did I discover that. Build a new kernel last Friday, cut way back
module/driver-wise booted it and got no errors and all the vservers were
running or at least appeared to be. Bad assumption that all erros show
up on the console. I'd left a module out that buggered Apache 2 but never
saw a message. Fortunately it was on a server doing gradus hosting for
some very low traffice sites.

> A good rule of thumb is to use `lspci' and `lsmod' and
> make sure that for each piece of hardware that identified that you
> care about, you have a driver compiled.

I totally forgot to do this but I don't know that it would have mattered.
I think it was module that supported a module.

[error] (38)Function not implemented: Cannot create SSLMutex file

Well I backed down and got a running 2.4.25-vs1.27 kernel running ... so

Sam, Thanks for the tips. Next time I'll pay better attention and
follow them. :-)

> It's good practice to preserve known working .config files for given
> hardware configurations; copying the old config in to the vserver
> patched tree and using `make oldconfig'.
> Check in /boot, your running kernel config might have been put there
> by your distribution. Otherwise, if you had a kernel with /proc
> config support enabled it could be in /proc/config.gz or similar.
> If not you're pretty much SOL.


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