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From: Joseph Glass (jglass_at_liquidweb.com)
Date: Wed 24 Mar 2004 - 09:24:50 GMT

Hi Eugeny,

CPanel works extremely well within a vserver (see
http://liquidweb.com/shared/index.htm.) A few hundred customers and I
would agree that linux-vserver is certainly reliable enough for a
production environment. Your configuration below sounds adequate.

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 04:14, Eugeny Zadevalov wrote:
> Hello!
> Is anybody here using CPANEL inside VSERVER?
> I've installed latest CPANEL(9.1.0) on REDHAT 9 based
> VSERVER 2.4.25 + quota + 1.26 vserver patches.
> Main idea is to provide shared hosting solutions
> inside this vserver, and make more vservers for
> other tasks, leaving "host" system clean of hosting,
> and other.
> I'm googled, reading this list for about 1 month,
> but nobody does not discuss serious projects liing
> on vserver patches. Such impression that majority
> uses these patches only as toy. :(
> Now, when i have 15 day free license from cpanel,
> and my partners waiting when I shall say to be or not
> cpanel inside VSERVER, or kill it and fireup
> usual cpanel on "host" system configuration.
> So people, if you really use subj, tell me more...
> thanx.
> ps
> Is there possibility to work with iptables inside vserver?

Joseph Glass
Systems Administrator
Liquid Web Inc.
800.580.4985 x227
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