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From: chth_at_gmx.net
Date: Fri 27 Feb 2004 - 03:57:08 GMT

Long, long time ago I made a patch where the range of IP-addresses a
vserver might use where defined by base IP's and Masks for the bits
which might be altered by the vserver (similar to netmasks, but the
masks can be sparse).

Example: would allow any even ip in the range from to

Lets say we have four such ip/masks pairs then one could define 4
independent ranges of addresses a vserver might use. In future nested
Vservers might be implemented, it would be easy to adopt this scheme in
a way that nested vservers can only constrain this masks but not widen

So with lets say 4 masking operations the vserver-kernel could support
almost any amount of IPs for a single vserver.
At least 4 masks because I had following ranges in mind:
 1) Frontside/official IP-address
 2) Backside/intranet (for proxies etc.)
 3) DMZ or maintainance (Network management/backup/databases)
 4) spare or loopback addresses (if loopback isn't hardcoded)

Note that this masking scheme will also work for a ipv6 implementation.
Consider that if ipv6 is better deployed some day, one might want to
have much more IP's for a vserver, just increasing some fixed number of
IP's will be an uphill battle.

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