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From: Sam Vilain (sam.vilain_at_paradise.net.nz)
Date: Wed 25 Feb 2004 - 06:33:09 GMT

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:57, Roderick A. Anderson wrote;

>    So with a lean .config file all other/specific stuff could be
> added.   I'm sure all the serious Linux users on this list already
> do this but for us 'challenged' individuals this ain't the
> case.  Where I'm heading is is there a way to document -- on a
> running system -- the hardware that needs drivers/modules and what
> they are named or where they are located when doing 'make
> menuconfig'?

Turning off the modules you don't use is a minefield, there is no
simple answer. A good rule of thumb is to use `lspci' and `lsmod' and
make sure that for each piece of hardware that identified that you
care about, you have a driver compiled.

It's good practice to preserve known working .config files for given
hardware configurations; copying the old config in to the vserver
patched tree and using `make oldconfig'.

Check in /boot, your running kernel config might have been put there
by your distribution. Otherwise, if you had a kernel with /proc
config support enabled it could be in /proc/config.gz or similar.
If not you're pretty much SOL.

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