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From: Thomas Gelf (vserver_at_gelf.net)
Date: Sat 21 Feb 2004 - 19:18:00 GMT

Compiling Kernel 2.6.3 with vs0.08 on Debian fails, the error is:

> fs/builtin.o: In function `load_aout_binary`:
> fs/builtin.o(.text+0x275dc): undefined reference to `vx_rsspages_sub`
> make[1]...

Any idea? This seems similar to http://list.linux-vserver.org/archive/vserver/msg06189.html
but herbert's "switch ((long)filp->f_pos) {" is present in the vs0.08 patch.

And what do you think about using Kernel 2.6 with Vserver on Hosting
Servers "in the wild"? I have running it since 2.6.0 on a customer's
hosting server as he absolutely wanted to do so and I'm using it on
some fileservers (lvm2, raid, sata, scsi, netatalk, samba3... - running
on mandrake without any problems, serving files to os8, os9, osX, w2k...)

Kernel 2.6 seems to be very stable - what about the Vserver patches?
We would like to start our first two Vserver machines (P4 HT 2.6GHz,
2GB, 2x120GB SATA each) near the end of the next week and migrate some
UML Servers to them. I have to come to a decision: Kernel 2.4.25_vs1.26
or Kernel 2.6.3_vs0.08 - what is your opinion? Any experiences?


N.B.: Herbert, don't be angry with me, but your homepage IS a little bit
confusing. I wasn't able to find out if the Quota Hashes (and per context
disk limits) are included in the vs0.08 patch. The two links on
http://www.13thfloor.at/vserver/e_patches/overview/ suggests this as they
point to the same destination, is this true? We have had no chance to find
it out by ourselves as all the 2.6.x kernels we tried out didn't compile
with vs0.0x on Debian - but in the kernel configuration we didn't find any
hints on quota hashes like in kernel 2.4.x

Thomas Gelf <vserver_at_gelf.net>

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