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From: talon_at_amoebasoft.com
Date: Wed 18 Feb 2004 - 17:34:26 GMT

as Herbert mentioned recently I've been doing testing with the q0.13 patch.

the other day we found a problem introduced by the quota patch that caused
a kernel oops when unlinking a file over NFS. as far as i can tell
this path works fine for me and you can find it here:

that should apply cleanly to q0.13 on a 2.4.25rc3 kernel.

I also found a bug in the quotaheck tool that causes directorys to be
accounted for twice. this has ben fixed in the recent 3.11 release of the linux
quota tools.

Finally Herbert proposed a feature change to quotacheck that turns off raw file
system access. so that the faked ufs mount in mtab could be done away with.
I have implemented a patch against quotacheck that does this and would like to hear any comments on it before i submit it to the quota tools maintainer.


this patch gives an -I option that forces a directory scan instead of direct IO
on the filesystem device even if the fstype is ext2 or ext3 in the mtab.
it will also do the same with the env var QUOTACHECK_NODIO is set.

The patch also updates the manpage to reflect these changes.

I am also working on a howto document detailing how to set up per context
quotas since the current info seems to be a bit out of date. I don't currently
have an expected release date for the howto. but i hope its useful
since it will cover more than just per context quotas but setting up
vserver + context quotas on a clean slackware install. and using read only bind
mounts to save disk space as an alternative to using vunify for distros that
dont use a package manager supported by the vunify script.

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