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From: Michael Hilscher (mail_at_msh-webservice.de)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 - 10:14:16 GMT

Am 09.02.2004 um 01:08 schrieb Cathy Sarisky:
> I just tried the exploit and my /vservers directory did NOT get
> chmoded to
> 001, looks like I pass. Lots of:
> cd ..: Permission denied
> chmod: Operation not permitted
exploit is working with stable stuff.

> This is with /vservers at 000 AND the +t attr, vs1.26 and vserver-0.29.
> Yes, I know I should upgrade tools. Side note: using vbuild to build a
> vserver with /vservers +t creates a vserver with too many +t's. I
> needed
> to chattr -t the vserver and then vunify to get everything working.
Well I'm not sure what you ment about chattr -t. I did:
--- cut ---
1. Patch Kernel with:
make dep clean bzImage
vi /etc/lilo.conf
restart System with new Kernel

2. installed util-vserver:

3. chmod 000 /vservers
    chmod +t /vservers

4. vserver retest build
    --> got x-times repeated messages: Unknown option level
    but job seems to be done right anyway.


6. Copyid compiled Exploit to /vservers/retest

7. ifconfig eth0:1 xxx up
stopped ssh of Testserver (just for fast testing :)

8. vserver retest start
vserver retest enter
/etc/init.d/sshd start
8. Login from external Host via ssh direct in vserver root_at_retest
9. linux:~ # ls -ld /vservers
ls: /vservers: No such file or directory
linux:~ # /exploit.o
Exploit seems to work. =)
sh-2.05b# ls -l /
... and i can sea the root fs of host Server not the vserver one :(
--- / cut ---

Please tell me, what steps are wrong and what did I forgot?

Michael Hilscher

Would Mozart have been more productive if he had scribes to help him, a
secretary and a CEO to lead his way? -- Linus Torvalds

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