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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 - 00:49:08 GMT

On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 06:23:31PM -0600, Robert Cope wrote:
> Hello,
> Hopefully I have not missed the obvious, but I am wondering if there is
> any way to get the BSD process accounting data per vserver. Thanks,

hmm, as the name says, it's 'process accounting' so
that can't be simply 'extended' to an entire vserver ...

in what part are you interested, and how would you
expect such a feature to work, from a user perspective?

just to get an overview what BSD accounting contains:

 __u16 ac_uid; /* Accounting Real User ID */
 __u16 ac_gid; /* Accounting Real Group ID */
 __u16 ac_tty; /* Accounting Control Terminal */
 __u32 ac_btime; /* Accounting Process Creation Time */
 comp_t ac_utime; /* Accounting User Time */
 comp_t ac_stime; /* Accounting System Time */
 comp_t ac_etime; /* Accounting Elapsed Time */
 comp_t ac_mem; /* Accounting Average Memory Usage */
 comp_t ac_io; /* Accounting Chars Transferred */
 comp_t ac_rw; /* Accounting Blocks Read or Written */
 comp_t ac_minflt; /* Accounting Minor Pagefaults */
 comp_t ac_majflt; /* Accounting Major Pagefaults */
 comp_t ac_swaps; /* Accounting Number of Swaps */
 __u32 ac_exitcode; /* Accounting Exitcode */
 char ac_comm[ACCT_COMM + 1]; /* Accounting Command Name */
 char ac_pad[10]; /* Accounting Padding Bytes */

and what the vserver-stat shows:

0 33 27MB 2kB 13h30m14 5h13m21 56d08h00 root
511 4 9MB 526B 5m55.52 8m20.86 23d04h47 MDEV
512 4 9MB 227B 2m35.61 1m28.86 31d08h20 NDEV
1001 8 85MB 3kB 1m58.30 1m21.58 56d07h58 NAME
2001 32 291MB 16kB 21h24m34 9d03h02 56d07h58 IS96

where this information is 'only' retrived from the
currently running processes, so no 'finished' process
will be accounted here ...


> robert

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