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From: Kern Wolfgang (vserver_at_wwip.de)
Date: Wed 31 Dec 2003 - 16:01:07 GMT

Hi Vserver Team,

I follow the others and wish you a good slide in the new year! I also thank
Herbert for his excellent work on this project!

Love, Peace and a lot of power for 2004 !!!!


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Betreff: [Vserver] At the Eve of this Year ...

Per Aspera Ad Astra!

First I would like to thank everyone from the bottom
of my heart who contributed to Linux-VServer development.
We value every aid we get in striving for our ultimate
goal, to provide the best Virtual Private Server solution
for free (as in speech and beer ;)

The future looks bright, and I'm confident, that the next
year will be an interesting one. Well, at least the last
quarter of this year was interesting for me ... ;)

A Three Month Retrospective
(or This Year for Linux-VServer)

At the end of September after maintaining and rediffing
Vserver patches for over a year, I decided to take over
the leadership of Linux-VServer.

A month later, Jack had returned and officially handed
over project leadership to me, the first 'brand new'
Linux-Vserver release was done on the 1st of November.

Since then, we had four (4) stable releases, and nine
(9) development release, and Linux-Vserver was ported
to eleven (11) different architectures, and three non
mainline kernels.

Last but not least the multitude of 'new' and 'improved'
userspace tools and scripts, aiding in vserver creation,
maintenance and testing.

Maybe Linux-VServer development did happen a little too
fast, or maybe the community just wasn't used to this
kind of 'rapid evolution', anyway I think it was very
beneficial for all who joined and controlled the game.

And the Future?

First I hope that ALL community members, especially those
who are still paralyzed by the high release frequency,
may speak up, and let us all know, what direction they
would like best, what path we shall take in the future.

This doesn't mean that I have no plans for Linux-VServer,
this just means, that I would like to collect your ideas
and desires to lay a path which suits the community most.

Second, I would like to integrate commercially interested
groups of the vserver community (the business people ;)
more deeply into the development process, and as a start,
I would like to form a platform, where hosting providers
can deposit, discuss and share their requirements, issues
and solutions regarding Linux-VServer in an appropriate
way they consider useful.

And of course, development, development and development ...

I honestly hope, that You enjoyed the journey as much
I did, and that you will continue accompany me ...

thanks for this year,
and good luck for the next,

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