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From: Allen D. Parker II (allenp_at_efn.org)
Date: Wed 31 Dec 2003 - 16:44:31 GMT

Hear Hear!
Well said Bert! If at all possible, I'd love to see some of the features of
the "business" vps solutions built on the Linux-VServer project
re-integrated into the main tree. If there's anything I personally can do to
help, I'd be happy to test just about anything for you as well as help you
bughunt. I only have 2 more words for you:

Good Job!

Chip, aka infowolfe

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> Subject: [Vserver] At the Eve of this Year ...
> Per Aspera Ad Astra!
> First I would like to thank everyone from the bottom
> of my heart who contributed to Linux-VServer development.
> We value every aid we get in striving for our ultimate
> goal, to provide the best Virtual Private Server solution
> for free (as in speech and beer ;)
> The future looks bright, and I'm confident, that the next
> year will be an interesting one. Well, at least the last
> quarter of this year was interesting for me ... ;)
> A Three Month Retrospective
> (or This Year for Linux-VServer)
> At the end of September after maintaining and rediffing
> Vserver patches for over a year, I decided to take over
> the leadership of Linux-VServer.
> A month later, Jack had returned and officially handed
> over project leadership to me, the first 'brand new'
> Linux-Vserver release was done on the 1st of November.
> Since then, we had four (4) stable releases, and nine
> (9) development release, and Linux-Vserver was ported
> to eleven (11) different architectures, and three non
> mainline kernels.
> Last but not least the multitude of 'new' and 'improved'
> userspace tools and scripts, aiding in vserver creation,
> maintenance and testing.
> Maybe Linux-VServer development did happen a little too
> fast, or maybe the community just wasn't used to this
> kind of 'rapid evolution', anyway I think it was very
> beneficial for all who joined and controlled the game.
> And the Future?
> First I hope that ALL community members, especially those
> who are still paralyzed by the high release frequency,
> may speak up, and let us all know, what direction they
> would like best, what path we shall take in the future.
> This doesn't mean that I have no plans for Linux-VServer,
> this just means, that I would like to collect your ideas
> and desires to lay a path which suits the community most.
> Second, I would like to integrate commercially interested
> groups of the vserver community (the business people ;)
> more deeply into the development process, and as a start,
> I would like to form a platform, where hosting providers
> can deposit, discuss and share their requirements, issues
> and solutions regarding Linux-VServer in an appropriate
> way they consider useful.
> And of course, development, development and development ...
> I honestly hope, that You enjoyed the journey as much
> I did, and that you will continue accompany me ...
> thanks for this year,
> and good luck for the next,
> Herbert
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