[vserver] The new guest server does not want to start

From: Sam Przyswa <przyswa.sam_at_free.fr>
Date: Mon 08 Mar 2021 - 17:28:29 GMT
Message-ID: <eca0d048-dbba-706b-72db-15dd78f641d0@free.fr>


I got this error message:

# vserver vserver start
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
No command given; use '--help' for more information.

An error occured while executing the vserver startup sequence; when
there are no other messages, it is very likely that the init-script
() failed.

Common causes are:
* /etc/rc.d/rc on Fedora Core 1 and RH9 fails always; the 'apt-rpm' build
   method knows how to deal with this, but on existing installations,
   appending 'true' to this file will help.

Failed to start vserver 'vserver'


Received on Mon Mar 8 17:26:26 2021

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