[vserver] Interface name problem when build a new vserver

From: Sam Przyswa <przyswa.sam_at_free.fr>
Date: Mon 08 Mar 2021 - 16:47:30 GMT
Message-ID: <b1c7d637-7299-f2b4-23ae-e8df47f34573@free.fr>


I noticed a problem with the name of the virtual network interface in
the style 'enp1s0: 1' as:

/usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver-build -n vserver \
     --initstyle sysv --interface 'enp1s0:2': \
     -m debootstrap -- -d stretch

this returns an error message and stops building the guest, we have to use:

/usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver-build -n vserver \
     --initstyle sysv --interface eth0: \
     -m debootstrap -- -d stretch

And then change the name interface by and in

Received on Mon Mar 8 16:45:30 2021

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