[vserver] 4.9.186 patch

From: Ghislain Adnet <gadnet_at_aqueos.com>
Date: Fri 26 Jul 2019 - 12:00:43 BST
Message-ID: <2821a020-00a7-ba41-2d02-3be91d0fdfb9@aqueos.com>


  just FYI i use this patch delta to be applied on top of patch-4.9.159-vs2.3.9.8.diff.

  It pass the testfs testme the sysinfo proc is virtualized, the uptime is virtualized and it survive a stress-ng test
of several hours in guest without crash.

   hope that helps some people, let me know.


Received on Fri Jul 26 12:00:09 2019
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