[vserver] vserver startup script hooks

From: Daniel Urist <durist_at_ucar.edu>
Date: Tue 20 Feb 2018 - 20:21:14 GMT
Message-ID: <CAEo6=KYNwNyVU+kvC+ac=6OxVX6dsd+R9HFjxu2NQqncyLfRSg@mail.gmail.com>

I have a couple of scripts I'd like to execute for every vserver, as well
as some scripts that I only want to execute for some vservers. The docs
state that this is possible:

> /etc/vservers/vserver-name/scripts
> A directory for scripts. By default, when one of these scripts will be
> executed, the execution of defaultscripts (within .../.defaults/scripts)
> will be skipped. To execute them nevertheless, the $DONT_SKIP_DEFAULTS
> environment variable must be set by one of the in-shellcontext scripts (the
> non-executable ones).

But, where do I set $DONT_SKIP_DEFAULTS? I've tried setting it
in /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/init/environment, but that doesn't work.
What do the docs mean by "one of the in-shellcontext scripts"?
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