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From: Ghislain Adnet <>
Date: Fri 02 Jun 2017 - 13:27:35 BST
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Hey !

> 4.1
> ===
> I can boot this on some servers, but not others. I've never gone heavily into production with it.

perhaps the latest patch will do, the 4.1.40 with the latest patch boots fine and works fine for me but i do not have a
lot of different hardware to test on :) I have only basic lowend dell pizzabox to test.

> So in essence, we are, in a very slow and controlled way, jumping ship. LXC meets our needs now and we are moving there.
> Our entire business (and some of the other businesses I work for) have completely depended on Linux-Vserver for a long
> long time. We started with Debian kernels, but began to compile our own and put them in our repository with Debian 5.0
> 'Lenny', 8 years ago, when Debian decided to drop Linux-Vserver support. We've been so grateful for the project, but
> really that's not a strong enough word, it's been the backbone of our infrastructure and essential.

same for my one man shop here, the KISS principle and efficiency of the vserver system have been a blessing. Like you,
we are in a fork in the road, as the need for recent kernel rise (new features, major bug released in old ones, newer
chip and hardware support, new ipv6 wizardry, standardisation on 4.4 of the industry, ebpf) on the host side and the
rise of systemd on the guest side all this is pushing us to find also another way.

The windowsd, i mean, systemd problem more than the other as it tries to be a mini vserver inside the vserver....(and
rsyslog and initV , and crond and allmost everything else like ssh then x11 etc..)

> OpenVZ, VMware, Xen, KVM and friends all have strong places in the history of Linux virtualization/containerization. I'm
> so so glad we didn't have to use them.

i feel the same, those solution are so heavy and bloated. Changing will be a pain, i feel i will regress instead of
upping my game with those other solutions on Linux. This is also why i look into FreeBSD that seems to have better
engeneering for network and File system that is what host only do. I suppose the life time will be dictated by 3.18 and
4.1 support of mainline for the bugs that will be discovered in the months to come.

> Well it's not quite goodbye yet, still a few more years of support. I'm sure I'll compose an even more gushing email
> when that time's here.

Same here, i continue to use it until its not possible to continue and will switch only when debian and others will
force systemd and 4.1 kernel will stop to be supported. I am not settled on LXD now or to switch to bhyves or Jails on

> Thanks Herbert and Daniel, and also Ghislain and Corey and all the rest of you. You not only helped with Vserver issues,
> but actually talked me through bits where my knowledge was lacking, whatever that happened to be. It's been a pleasure.

hey there's me here ! :) Well i try to help but i am very low knowkledge so contributions are few, i receive so much
from all of you that i try to do my little part when i am able :)

All the small vserver "peoples"/community persons are awesome, allways on IRC ready to help. Great people :)
Has we havent been able to make "paravirtualisation great again" for the whole world at least Hebert and Daniel have
done it, and continue to do it, for us until now ! Thanks !

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