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From: Ben Green <ben_at_bristolwireless.net>
Date: Fri 19 May 2017 - 09:43:19 BST
Message-ID: <20170519094319.Horde.42EHZmKrjneQRvGFKKGcfv4@slackmail.co.uk>

Hi all,

it's time for an announcement concerning the repo.psand.net debian
repository. Primarily:

* Debian 9 'Stretch' will be the last Debian release we'll compile and
publish kernels for.
* We probably won't pursue any newer kernel patches that arise during
stretch support, only compile the existing 3.18 and 4.1 streams.

The 3.18 kernel series has been totally solid.

I can boot this on some servers, but not others. I've never gone
heavily into production with it.

So in essence, we are, in a very slow and controlled way, jumping
ship. LXC meets our needs now and we are moving there. Our entire
business (and some of the other businesses I work for) have completely
depended on Linux-Vserver for a long long time. We started with Debian
kernels, but began to compile our own and put them in our repository
with Debian 5.0 'Lenny', 8 years ago, when Debian decided to drop
Linux-Vserver support. We've been so grateful for the project, but
really that's not a strong enough word, it's been the backbone of our
infrastructure and essential.

OpenVZ, VMware, Xen, KVM and friends all have strong places in the
history of Linux virtualization/containerization. I'm so so glad we
didn't have to use them.

Well it's not quite goodbye yet, still a few more years of support.
I'm sure I'll compose an even more gushing email when that time's here.

Thanks Herbert and Daniel, and also Ghislain and Corey and all the
rest of you. You not only helped with Vserver issues, but actually
talked me through bits where my knowledge was lacking, whatever that
happened to be. It's been a pleasure.

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