Re: [vserver] debian jessie error on vserver shutdown

From: Daniel Urist <>
Date: Thu 07 Jan 2016 - 16:31:28 GMT
Message-ID: <>

If somebody wants to add it to the wiki, here's what I had to do to get a
clean shutdown of a Jessie container:

1) Disable "/etc/init.d/sendsigs" completely, so it doesn't kill off any
processes too early (vserver stop will do that anyway if it hits the

  rm /etc/init.d/sendsigs
  update-rc.d sendsigs remove

I also removed the "halt" and "reboot" scripts, though that's probably not

2) Add kill script links in /etc/rc6.d for "cron", "dbus" and "ssh". These
don't exist because their init scripts have a blank "Default-Stop" header.
The simplest way to remedy this is to add override headers in
/etc/insserv/overrides and force insserv to rebuild the links; this is a
bit convoluted but is better than modifying the init scripts in case an
upgraded package has newer ones, which won't be installed if the originals
have been modified.

  for s in cron dbus ssh; do
    sed -rn -e 's/^(# Default-Stop:).*$/\1 0 1 6/' -e '/^### BEGIN INIT
INFO/,/^### END INIT INFO/p' /etc/init.d/$s > /etc/insserv/overrides/$s
  /sbin/insserv -v -d

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:04 AM, Ben Green <> wrote:

> Quoting Herbert Poetzl <>:
>> Thanks for the diagnostic and feedback.
>> Other debian folks might be interested in your modifications,
>> so please consider sharing them somehow.
> Could any resulting documentation be linked from this page please:
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