Re: [vserver] VCUTE - Vserver Configuration Utility - Terminal Enabled

From: Joern Raffel <>
Date: Mon 30 Nov 2015 - 17:10:01 GMT
Message-ID: <>


your password is still in the .netrc!

regards, joern

Am 30.11.15 um 16:47 schrieb Ben Green:
> Hi all,
> it's probably far too long ago for most of you to remember now, but I
> started writing a bash dialog based GUI for Vserver a while back. I've
> finally made a (very) basic version. You can get a clone of this first
> release with:
> git clone --branch v0.1.0
> Running the script will move a default config file to
> /etc/default/vcute and create a symlink to the checked out vcute script
> from /usr/local/bin/vcute.
> Edit /etc/default/vcute after running the installer, you'll need to
> change the path at least. After it should run. You'll need dialog
> installed and util-vserver, but hopefully not too much more.
> Please have a look, at the moment you can only change a machines memory
> size, that's it. This release is basically to add the framework I need
> to add a whole bunch of vserver parameters that you'll be able to edit
> live and persistently. Language support is also embryonic, with only one
> language present.
> Feedback to this list unless it gets too hectic, if that's okay with
> everyone. If you'd prefer initial discussions kept off list, speak now,
> but it would be good to have some feedback in the more public forum for
> this release.
> Cheers,
> Ben
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