[vserver] Show "--i-know-its-there" in error message

From: Lars Bräuer <lb_at_mpexnet.de>
Date: Mon 15 Dec 2014 - 18:07:46 GMT
Message-ID: <548F2372.2030403@mpexnet.de>


related to my other message ("Minor bug and patch: isDirectoryEmpty behaviour") I would like to
suggest to extend the error message which is shown when the setup directory or vserver dir already
exist and add to the function "base.initFilesystem"
"use '--force' ------->>> and/or '--i-know-its-there' <<<---------"
If the vdir directory is not empty, just --force won't work at all.

This is the full message:
vserver-topdirectory '$VDIR' and/or configuration at '$SETUP_CONFDIR'
exist already; please try to use '--force' and/or '--i-know-its-there',
or remove them manually.

Best regards

Lars Bräuer

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