Re: [vserver] vserver host broken

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Thu 30 Oct 2014 - 15:43:06 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 12:59:17PM +0000, Phil Daws wrote:
> Hi:

Hey Phil!

> my dev box appears to have broken as when I try and start any
> vserver guests it says:

> vcontext: execvp("/etc/rc.d/rc"): No such file or directory

Check that not only /etc/rc.d/rc exists inside the guest,
but also the interpreter (e.g. /bin/bash) and the required
libraries to execute them.

> What could be the problem please as the file system looks intact ?

Could be a number of different issues, starting from
incorrect permissions over barrier flags in the wrong
places to missing binary compatibility (x86 guests on
a x86_64 only kernel).

Probably the best way (if you can trust the guest) is
to chroot into the guest dir and take a look around to see
if everything is in place and can execute.


> Thanks, Phil
Received on Thu Oct 30 15:43:20 2014

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