[vserver] linux 3.14.22 and patch-3.14.17-vs2.3.6.13.diff

From: Corey Wright <undefined_at_pobox.com>
Date: Mon 27 Oct 2014 - 08:41:34 GMT
Message-Id: <20141027034134.9b8fc7bbe4b255505b93d0cd@pobox.com>

applying patch-3.14.17-vs2.3.6.13.diff to linux 3.14.22 fails in both
patching and testing/functionality.

the upstream addition of including "linux/hash.h" in "fs/namei.c" [1]
invalidated the patch hunk context.


the upstream change of masking all capabilities above CAP_LAST_CAP (which the
linux-vserver patch does not adjust to account for its own CAP_CONTEXT)
breaks changing/manipulating contexts.

# vserver-info | grep V

Assumed 'SYSINFO' as no other option given; try '--help' for more information.
                   VS-API: ???
                      VCI: ???
# chcontext --xid 1 -- true
chcontext: vc_new_s_context(): Function not implemented


the attached patches account for the change in patch hunk context and the
masking of CAP_CONTEXT.

1. acquire linux-3.14.22
2. apply patch-3.14.17-vs2.3.6.13.diff
3. apply the attached patch-3.14.17-19-include_hash-vs2.3.6.13.diff
4. apply the attached patch-3.14.17-19-remove_caps-vs2.3.6.13.diff
5. manually fix the Makefile reject (EXTRAVERSION)

i've built the resulting kernel and tested it in virtualbox against testme.sh
and testfs.sh, started-entered-exited-stopped a vserver guest, and (specific
to the capabilities fix) tested "vserver-info | grep V" and "chcontext --xid
1 -- true" (though that's also indirectly tested through testme.sh and
exercising a vserver guest).



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