RE: [vserver] upgrade VServer breaks lsusb

From: John A. Wallace <>
Date: Mon 13 Oct 2014 - 19:03:35 BST
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Hi, Adrian.

Your advice was sound, and I tried to follow it. Still, I am having the same
problem after first completely removing the old source directories for kernel
and modules, and then rebuilding the kernel from scratch. I did this after
having booted into the previous kernel, which appears to be working as
expected and correctly. I believe (hoped!) that I removed everything that
could have affected it from the malfunctioning instance. Even so, the problem

I am inclined to think that there may be some sort of issue (bug?) with that
version of Gentoo-VServer because I have no other explanation. This version is
the most current one provided by Gentoo's distribution methods. If someone
else who had used that same version would chime in, it might be helpful. I am

I will need to explore other options for a solution because I want to keep as
current as possible with the Linux kernel within the constraints of this
machine's capabilities and my intentions for using it. By and large, security
is the primary functional goal. Thanks for your suggestions.

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> On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 04:38:52PM -0500, John A. Wallace wrote:
> > > I suspect a module's not enabled in the kernel.
> > Although this is clearly a possibility which occurred to me, it may
> > not be quite that simple. Also, there are a multitude of modules, any
> > number of which
> I don't use Gentoo, but I build and configure my own kernels. There are
> quite some options that are named differently between 3.10 and 3.13,
> you are very likely to fail in getting a useable kernel with just
> copying the config file between versions.
> Either configure it entirely from scratch or use some Gentoo default
> configuration for 3.13. and apply VServer config stuff afterwards. I
> seriously doubt it is a VServer-patch-related problem if lsusb fails.
> Why 3.13? It is not maintained anymore, use 3.14 instead.
> Regards,
> Adrian
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