Re: [vserver] Hardened Gentoo, VServer and dietlibc woes

From: Romain Rivière <>
Date: Tue 07 Oct 2014 - 08:20:45 BST
Message-ID: <>

On 15/08/2014 00:25, Ed W wrote:
>> I'm just saying that this information should perhaps be made clearer to
>> Gentoo users, especially now that we know it for a fact.
> No, from memory it's just a dietlibc thing. Failed to compile properly
> under hardened?

Sorry about the late feedback.
Yes, it fails to compile with hardened. I admit I never tried using
gcc-config to select the vanilla gcc variant from a hardened build:
instead I rebuild gcc without the hardened flag. Maybe it can be easier
than that. Then again, I might switch to debian for the host system …

Romain Rivière
Received on Tue Oct 7 08:20:51 2014
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