[vserver] vserver and network namespace support

From: Thomas Weber <l_vserver_at_mail2news.4t2.com>
Date: Fri 09 May 2014 - 16:17:18 BST
Message-ID: <1399648638.30945.265.camel@utumno>

I have asked this on IRC already, but it seems that noone there uses
vserver and netnamespaces or can show me a working configuration, so I
ask here.

Is anyone successfully using vserver with network namespaces and "stock"
util-vserver? The comments from Herbert and Daniel seem to imply that
this is possible - but I have yet to see a working configuration.

With NET_ADMIN capabilities, i can get a working setup where I configure
the Interface from within the guest or via vserver exec, but obviously I
don't wanna give NET_ADMIN to the guests.

So does anyone have a working config (/etc/vservers/<vs>) and is willing
to share it with me so i could compare? Right now i've got a notion that
this feature simply aint working yet.


Kernel: 3.10.38-vs2.3.6.8
util-vserver: 0.30.216-pre3062
Received on Fri May 9 16:17:15 2014

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