[vserver] Find guest with crashing processes

From: Fiedler Roman <Roman.Fiedler_at_ait.ac.at>
Date: Wed 30 Apr 2014 - 18:18:30 BST
Message-ID: <2ECE9D9EEF1F524185270138AE23265947C95672@S0MSMAIL112.arc.local>


I'm trying to solve following problem, perhaps someone has an useful idea on

There is a vserver host running about 50 guests. In one guest, a python
process crashes without writing any logs by itself - it might just be a
temporary job crashing and the caller does not log the event either. But the
kernel logs the fatal signal including process name and pid but not the
context, so I know, that something is crashing but not in which guest.

Since all guests run numerous python processes, is there an easy way to find
out, in which context the crash might have occurred so that I have to
inspect only one of them?

Another way could be to enable core dumps for all current and future
processes and see, where a core dump is written. Is this somehow possible?

Any comments welcome,


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