Re: [vserver] Building new vservers: configuring a skeleton in /etc/vservers/.distributions/

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Fri 04 Apr 2014 - 17:38:34 BST
Message-ID: <>


Christoph Haas, ML wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry for bothering with such elementary questions, but Google was not
> my friend in this case and nor did I manage to find a search option
> for the archive of this mailing-list ...
> I'm trying to configure a installation skeleton for my Debian Jessie
> VServers, following some hints from
> My Linux-VServer-host runs on Debian Jessie with kernel
> 3.10.35-vs2.3.6.8+lihas1 #1 SMP Wed Apr 2 11:38:21 CEST 2014 x86_64
> GNU/Linux.
> For accomplishing this, I created a directory within
> /etc/vservers/.distributions/ named "jessie", within the
> "jessie"-subdir,
> * I modified initpre- and initpost-scripts (inspired from
> /usr/lib/util-vserver/distributions/)
> -> this part works quite well
> * created an "apt"-subdir-tree with some lists in sources.list.d,
> special apt.conf, preferences, trusted.gpg etc.
> -> but only the apt.conf file is copied to my new vserver - thus it
> resides in the "apt"-subdir?
> A workaround for the moment is here to put a copy-statement into
> the initpre-script
> * created a "pkgs"-subdir for defining packagenames
> -> both ways a) one file named "list" holding a list of
> package-names (each package-name on a seperate line)
> b) several files (01 to 32) containing just one line
> with one package-name
> do not work, meaning none of the listed packages is installed

The debootstrap installation method does not use the util-vserver pkgs
files, it uses its own lists of packages, and as far as I know only
downloads from a single mirror. But that is all debootstrap itself, if you
figure out how to make it work with a regular debootstrap run, you can
probably make it happen via util-vserver too.

> What am I doing wrong?
> Is there any documentation with examples or howtos available for
> creating such a skeleton?
> Another question is, when the above part is solved, is it possible to
> install packages from other sources-lists during the process of
> setting up a new vserver? And if yes: how?

I think you would have to use apt from an initpost script, but I really
don't know much about customizing debootstrap.


> Cheers and TIA from
> Christoph.
> --
> Christoph Haas
Received on Fri Apr 4 17:38:35 2014

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