Re: [vserver] patch to patch vs2.3.3.9 f. linux-3.4.78

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Thu 20 Mar 2014 - 09:24:25 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Tomasz Pajor <>:

> Awesome job Ben, thanks!
> Just one question. After upgrading from
> linux-image-3.13.5-vs2.3.6.11-beng to
> linux-image-3.13.6-vs2.3.6.11-beng when running vserver-stat I get
> "open(memory.stat): No such file or directory". Any idea how can I
> fix this?

Odd, that's cgroup related. Has your cgroupfs changed its mount
position or failed to mount?

Received on Thu Mar 20 09:27:52 2014

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