Re: [vserver] Problems Building Guests

From: Ted Barnes <>
Date: Thu 13 Mar 2014 - 11:33:45 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Thanks Ben....

It may be my confusion (likely)... some time ago I was
- trying to use a more current kernel,
- avoid compiling it by hand,
- use Squeeze/Wheezy and gnome/mate on guests

I had real trouble getting there, and the combination of using your
mirrors (thanks for maintaining those) as well as adjusting some init
scripts for mountkernfs, mountdevsubfs and udev seemed to do the trick
(i.e., was able to use squeeze at that point, now wheezy; gnome and
mate didn't hang on the install, things work etc.).

Q: I thought to use a reasonably current kernel and Debian (Wheezy) and
avoid compiling a kernel by hand, your mirrors were a good part of that
approach. Is that not the case?


On 03/12/14 08:49, Ben Green wrote:
> Quoting Ted Barnes <>:
>> Thanks Ben....yes, I think there's something funny going on with my
>> network, but I added a couple of dns statements to resolv.conf
>> pointing at Google and that seemed to help.
>> Thanks Corey too - Q: the reason I'm using Ben's mirror's on the
>> guests as well is that I want them to be running wheezy with mate
>> desktops (I'm trying to avoid compiling my own kernels) and have
>> found this approach "works" - would you suggest something else?
> The Psand mirrors on the guests or hosts will not help you get a MATE
> desktop, or particularly to run wheezy. They contain a very limited
> set of package mostly vserver host related.
> Cheers,
> Ben
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