[vserver] Linux Vserver and Shorewall.

From: Adriaan <adriaan_at_a-happy-linux-vserver-user.nl>
Date: Sun 25 Aug 2013 - 20:01:42 BST
Message-ID: <521A5496.20402@a-happy-linux-vserver-user.nl>

Hi there,

First of all, many thanks for Linux Vserver, and many thanks for the
Sand repository for Debian Wheezy. Lifesavers. Great, thanks!

I like to use Shorewall but can't get it to work with Linux Vserver.
(I'm using Shorewall with OpenVZ since quite a while, but I'm slowly
moving from OpenVZ to Linux Vserver).

Scenario :
One public ip address.
One NIC.
Vservers have 10.0.0.x addresses, using NAT to separate web and email
services over various vservers.

I've looked at :

but getting errors from Shorewall about interfaces and zones that I've

Should I use a dummy0 interface here for the vservers interface ?

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