Re: [vserver] repo psand wheezy ok to use?

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Mon 22 Apr 2013 - 10:44:21 BST
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Tomasz Pajor <>:

> Hey,
> I'm running it on my production servers without any issues.

That's great to here Tomasz, I've also been running it on many
production system (both wheezy and squeeze versions of the kernel).
Some people have reported problems with the 3.2 series, but nobody has
reported a problem so far as I know for the ones I compile and package
for psand repos. I've not really got to the bottom of why others are
finding this instability (the config for their kernels is almost
identical) and for me the kernels I've built have been completely solid.

I recently implement some blockio throttling with them, and again find
them perfectly functional and reliable.

I'd love to here any reports on how other are finding them. When
Wheezy is released in a few days I'll begin upgrading machines, many
of which are running 3.2.42 already, to my wheezy versions of the same
kernel. I intend to support 3.2.x for the whole of the wheezy's reign
in Debian Stable. That's a plan, rather than a promise.

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