Re: [vserver] Linux Kernel 3.x usage

From: Ghislain <>
Date: Thu 05 Apr 2012 - 11:31:22 BST
Message-ID: <>

>> Not sure whether you're interested in the "No" answers ...

yes i am also :) The goal is to know if people use the new and if not
why (i guess the why is the same for a lot of us: need to reboot =
downtime, upgrade util vserver to match and it works right now so.....).

>> I'm not using 3.x because has worked well
>> enough for me so far ("if it aint broken..." and all that sort of
>> things), and I haven't heard of any killer feature that might entice
>> me into switching. I am ready to revise this judgement anytime though :)
> Quoting Ghislain: "3.2 because of cgroup blkio.throttling"
> Surely that's a killer no?

   yes this is why i started to switch because some guest had tendency
to eat all disk io, this worked well and solved the abuser issue but
then some stability issue appeared.

   i am starting to pull 3.2.14 on my boxes to see if it works better
and 3.0.27 on the one that do not need blkio ( single guest systems).

   Lets continue the poll if other use or not the newer kernel and their
experiences, sharing it here will help people decide and if they do they
will not have the issue we did. Sharing our experience could be
beneficial to all :)


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