Re: AW: [vserver] IPtables, network namespaces

From: Roderick A. Anderson <>
Date: Wed 21 Mar 2012 - 14:03:47 GMT
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Fiedler Roman wrote:
> Hello Christian,
> Full Network stack separation is not possible, but with newer kernel iptables for guest separation are working and I'm using them quite frequently.
> Since guest cannot add new rules, all rules are created on host. Rules for guests are in different files so that removal of rules together with guest is easier.
> Tell me, if you are interested in (very simple) config examples

I think many of us are interested. The LV systems I admin tend to run
servers (MX, NS, etc.) but there is some interest in providing guests
for clients.

Yes please either post or but on the site.


> Regards,
> Roman
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>> Hello,
>> Every once in a while (actually more frequent than that) the need for
>> iptables in a guest creeps up. And I'm not just talking about cases where
>> people want to use iptables because it's the only hammer they know beat
>> packets into submission.
>> Scouring this ML finds only a few mentions, most of them completely
>> outdated and I'm happy that I at least remembered reading about this more
>> than 2.5 years ago and coming up with the net namespaces search string as
>> well.
>> I believe any host based iptables (as in some client tool messaging
>> something on the host to manipulate a client specific iptable) is
>> cumbersome at best and prone to abuse at worst.
>> Given the functionality of net namespaces, has anybody in the past 2.5
>> years successfully used this with Vservers to set up fully functional
>> client network interface? Care to share your knowledge/experiences?
>> No trace of this in util-vserver for now, AFAIK.
>> Regards,
>> Christian
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