Re: [vserver] Ubuntu 10.4.4, cron and upstart

From: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Date: Thu 15 Mar 2012 - 15:36:59 GMT
Message-ID: <>

W dniu 15.03.2012 13:46, Mike O'Connor pisze:
> But now even after having all ready used that link you mentioned to
> setup everything up (and just for fun starting from scratch) non of the
> services start and stopping takes for ever.

I found I had to comment out a chunk of /etc/init.d/sendsigs (the part
where the script is simply sleeping in a loop, waiting for upstart to
kill the remaining services), but I'm testing 12.04, so 10.04 may be

Services launched successfully on startup when I added the fake vserver
service that emitted a bunch of events (per the page I linked earlier).

Best regards,
  Grzegorz Nosek
Received on Thu Mar 15 15:37:12 2012

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