Re: [vserver] some questions of naddress

From: Jarek Dylag <>
Date: Thu 15 Mar 2012 - 06:35:31 GMT
Message-ID: <>

2012/3/14 songjun435 <>:


> hi,all:
> I use naddress command to add ip to the vps
> 1. I have started a test vps with "--interface eth0:",and I
> enter the test vps,execute ifconfig:
> 2. then I execute "naddress --set  --nid 42 --ip",information on
> the console:
> Adding
> 3.then I enter the test vps again,and execute ifconfig,
>    But now there is nothing output to the console,why?

You have to add new ip on hosts:
ip add addr dev eth0

> Can I use the naddress to change the ip of the vps?

Yes, but naddres doesn't add ip for you.

> And how to give two or more ips to the vps?

naddress --set  --nid 42 --ip -ip

number of positions is limited to 16 (i might be wrong about current
limit), you can also add more ip using --mask or --range:

naddress --set --nid 42 --ip --mask

Jarek Dyląg
Received on Thu Mar 15 06:35:47 2012

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