AW: AW: [vserver] Using loopback for guest-guest and guest-host communication but still remapping

From: Fiedler Roman <>
Date: Wed 29 Feb 2012 - 12:40:02 GMT
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> Fiedler Roman wrote:
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>>>> Fiedler Roman wrote:
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>>>> I'm trying to configure networking on a machine, where we cannot use any
>>>> private network for internal communication because I might need to receive
>>>> traffic from that network. So I can only use loopback, one private IP-Range IP
>>>> (server external IP) and I do not want to grab one public IP-range for internal
>>>> communication if avoidable.
> ....
> > Connect from guest to is still remapped to, which is
> > guest itself. So no connection to host via lo possible.
> You are using 127/8 subnet on the dummy device - that won't work. You
> need a non-loopback IP range on the dummy interface, e.g. 192.168/16.

Thanks for your reply. I already used configuration with non-127 dummy interface and they are working. In current use case (description above), I have the problem, that organization cannot tell me, which private network is not in use at their location. Since I cannot handle requests from their network if I bind IPs to local interface, I was trying to do it without need of any other IPs than from range

Things I could try:
* Convince organization to find a free private IPv4-Net because vserver needs it
* Try to live without remap, doing the 127/8 splitting by hand, fixing hardcoded programs manually.
* Use some other range, e.g., and hope not running into problems
* Modify local routing table to try to get it working though
* Use IPv6 private net on dummy and IPv4 for external traffic.
* Use iptables mangle or nat and mark to remap external requests from IP-Range also bound to local interface.

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