[vserver] svn & trac are dead

From: Benedikt Böhm <bb_at_xnull.de>
Date: Sat 18 Feb 2012 - 07:18:14 GMT
Message-ID: <CAN-7s6b5kNUxTDXM4VKYyMSMDDDE9b5Jw0dbL2fZs47xanfnsw@mail.gmail.com>

Hi all,

since Daniel moved util-vserver development to git a while ago, i've
decided to discontinue the old svn & trac service, especially since
trac was full of spam already. The util-vserver repo can be viewed at
http://git.linux-vserver.org and i've also created an (automagic)
mirror at https://github.com/linux-vserver/util-vserver

I've also imported the other (unmaintained) repos from svn to the
linux-vserver account on github.


P.S.: @bertl: if you have a github account and want to have access to
the linux-vserver orga, please drop me a note.
Received on Sat Feb 18 07:18:27 2012

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