Re: [vserver] UTils-vserver included debian build on lenny

From: Ghislain <>
Date: Fri 17 Feb 2012 - 12:06:29 GMT
Message-ID: <>

> The maintainers for the vserver packages in Debian haven't really kept
> it up to date so I don't suggest using their sources to build a new
> version of util-vserver. I don't recommend trying to replace diffutils
> with diff, as diffutils relies on newer versions of libc6 then
> old-stable provides.

i do not use the debian version , i use the debian rules included in
the util-vserver source to build debian packages :)

> You're build, while completing through the debian/rules file, did not
> actually build any of the content (possibly through awkward
> fakeroot-ness or poor error checking in the makefile).

do you know a way to debug this ?

> I don't see why you can't still build a new kernel with the old
> util-vserver packages. But, if you want a more consistent/newer
> util-vserver package. I suggest looking here:

because having old tools with new kernel break the isolation you cannot
use old tools with new kernel, only old kernel with new tools. If you do
then most of the time the guest loose part of their isolations and your
host become vulnerable. Building it is not the issue but rebooting with
the new kernel and the old tool will break.


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