[vserver] XDMCP termial on a vserver: DISPLAY is set to a certain running vserver

From: Ekkard Gerlach <ekkardgerlach_at_aiai.de>
Date: Sat 26 Nov 2011 - 23:17:03 GMT
Message-ID: <20111126231703.GA11534@rex4>


DISPLAY variable is set to a certain running vserver when XDMCP is started
on a vserver host by

     host:#~/usr/bin/X :1 vt08 -query

And not to host. Stopping this certain vserver an DISPLAY variable is
set correctly to "host.local". Why?

Background: The vserver in one of my customers office is also used as
XDMCP-Terminal (why not?). The XDMCP-Server is a Suse 11.1 machine.
And it works fine. Now I want to start x11vnc on the vserver to make
montoring for support affairs. Using /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup on the Suse
11.1 XDMCP-Server I inplace the code:

    echo lhost: $lhost " host:" $host > /tmp/x11vnc_host
because I want to know "where does the Client come from" to start x11vnc
on that remote machine, in my case her its the vserver. If there is
the vserver "cups" running von the vserver the I get


When shutdown vserver cups: vserver cups stop then I get the right


BTW "host" ist not the real name of the vserver, I changed it for better

I've three vservers runing:
root@<host>:~# vserver-stat
91 5 140.1M 3.8M 0m00s95 0m00s62 6d00h17 misc
92 6 226M 7.5M 0m00s11 0m00s84 25m31s32 cups -> IP 0.92
93 8 384.2M 10.3M 0m00s40 0m00s48 17m14s94 samba -> IP 0.93

Stopping and starting vserver samba does NOT make samba to the favorite vserver
which DISPLAY variable is sent, its only vserver "cups"! Why is cups the
favorite machine on the vserver?

<host>:~# cat /etc/hosts
[...] suse111.local suse111 misc.local misc cups.local cups

<host>:~# /etc/ssh/sshd_config
ListenAddress <- thats IP of host vserver
Protocol 2

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