Re: [vserver] VServer & Android?

From: Bruno Prémont <>
Date: Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 21:20:32 GMT
Message-ID: <20111114222032.62c99aa6@neptune.home>

On Mon, 14 November 2011 Sam <> wrote:
> Can VServer be ported to run on Android? If I do the porting myself, how
> much work is involved?
> Thanks for any pointers!

This probably depends on how many files from android kernel differ from kernels and if/how many of them are touched by linux-vserver.

The best hint would be provided by an attempt to apply linux-vserver
patch on top of android kernel. The number of files patch complains
about would be a nice indicator (be it rejects or just offsets).

Please report back with the list of files with rejects or hunk offsets
and tell us what liux-vserver you used for what version of android kernel.

I would think there should no be too many conflicts though I don't know
how much of android tree additions are drivers (should not conflict with
l-v) or affect core (which is much more prone to conflicts - a good
candidate might be suspend blockers)

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