[vserver] util-vserver 0.30.216-pre2967 for packaging for Debian

From: Adrian Reyer <are_at_lihas.de>
Date: Sun 22 May 2011 - 00:26:40 BST
Message-ID: <20110521232640.GA17668@r2d2.s.lihas.de>


I had some need for a recent util-vserver package for Debian (amd64)
with the Debian-paths, most notably /var/lib/vservers and if any
possible without killing the system when upgrading from the original
Debian-supplied 0.30.216-pre2864-2+b1.
Basically I replaced the pre2967 debian-directory with the
Debian-pre2864 and adjusted a few things. It seems to work here.
I admit I don't understand what the problem is with just doing a symlink
for /vservers to /var/lib/vservers, given the --barrier is set
correctly. Is there any reason the Debian-enhanced debian-directory is
not within the util-vserver directory but instead a version that looks
like a dummy to me?

The technical part of the necessary changes is somewhat easy for me to
get and to adjust, however, I am quite unsure about the legal part, and
if it is legally fine, about the fairness part.

Within the debian-directory there are a few patches that fix general
things, grammar, spelling or bash-specific code that can easily be
changed to be usable with 'sh' as well. These things are not back in
the original tree. Are they not wanted there or just never got offered
in an easy way to be included back there?

Due to the mere copying there are now Debian maintainers named as
Uploaders and Maintainers, I guess this is not what they want. Ofc I can
just state myself there, but then again it is probably not enough
acknowlegment of their work. On the other hand, this debian-directory
replaces the one Daniel delivers with the stock util-vserver package. So
all mentioning of him related to packaging dissapears as well.
The changelog is the one from Debian-pre2864 as well, added an entry
from myself stating 'new upstream release'.

I think the correct way would be to put me as the responsible person for
the package in maintainer/uploader and state the rest in the changelog.
Though I have not found specific instructions for that within the gpl

If that is fine, I am willing to provide Debian packages for recent
util-vserver in a somewhat up-to-date form with the status 'works for


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