Re: [vserver] Upstart Problem

From: Michael Hoffrath <>
Date: Fri 28 Jan 2011 - 10:43:48 GMT
Message-Id: <>


Am 28.01.2011 um 03:01 schrieb Jeff Jansen:

> On Friday 28,January,2011 12:15 AM, Michael Hoffrath wrote:
>> I really can't find any solution for this problem, someone with the same problem here?
> You're right to comment out the 'expect fork' because that doesn't work
> properly in vserver guests, but you also need to tell the program in
> questions NOT to fork so upstart can "track" it.
> In this case, add the "-D" switch to your 'exec' line to tell sshd not
> to fork and background itself. So change your exec line to:
> exec /usr/sbin/sshd -D

i've also tried this, but it won't work? I will give it another try later this day.

> Now sshd doesn't background itself and upstart can keep track of it.
> I have to do the same thing for rsyslog and cron on my Lucid guests so
> they don't background themselves either.
> exec rsyslog -n
> exec cron -f
> Watch out for updates to these programs. They will often try to put the
> original init script back and then hang because they can't track the
> daemon properly if they restart it. :-)

Do you have any advise how to prevent this (without giving the +i flag to the files)?
> Jeff Jansen
Received on Fri Jan 28 10:44:00 2011

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