Re: [vserver] vc_set_sched(): Function not implemented

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Thu 27 Jan 2011 - 07:08:22 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Quoting "Eugen Leitl" <>:

>> You can use the util-vserver package from that repository instead if you
> That one isn't debian, though?
>> like. It's at version pre2926 IIRC.
> Can't make the problem go away. I guess I just nuke squeeze,
> and try lenny.

Would advise going forward, Squeeze's release is imminent, Lenny soon
deprecated, and further more, I will be personally not supporting the
Lenny repos much after the Squeeze release.

The util-vserver package in is Debian'ized yes. I built
it from the tar ball which Daniel has recently made to compile
ridiculously easily on Squeeze. It pretty much uses Debian default
locations when compiled as a Debian package. If you find errors let
him know (though obviously if you find packaging or repository errors
let me know). Working really well this end anyway.

 From Ben Green

Received on Thu Jan 27 07:08:40 2011
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