Re: [vserver] squeeze util-vserver in ben repository

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Thu 13 Jan 2011 - 14:22:30 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Quoting "Thomas Weber" <>:

> recent unmodified tarballs from
> will not build debian packages packages on my lenny testsystem.
> I bet there has been some fiddling in the debian/ directory for these
> builds. That's what I'd be interested in (would even be nicer to get
> this into the original upstream provided tarball).
> Tom

Ghislain should be able to help more, there's also this hideously
outdated documentation:

The development tar ball compiles very well with Debian Squeeze and
produces very useful packages.

 From Ben Green

Received on Thu Jan 13 14:22:39 2011
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