Re: Re: [vserver] Mountpoint readonly

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Fri 29 Oct 2010 - 18:10:16 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:37:02PM +0200, Roman Pretory wrote:
> by booting the vserver-defaults I have now seen a message like
> ext3-fs too many mounts...

could it have been something like 'max mount count reached'?

anyway, when the filesystem switches to read only without
'somebody' or 'something' explicitely changing it to read
only, then something severe is going on, and you should get
a proper message at lest in dmesg ...

but have you considered that maybe somebody or some mechanism
changes the filesystem on purpose to read only?

> I have found now a 2 guest mounting this drive by booting and
> removed it, in the moment it seem to be ok, but this could
> take a while.

there should be no problem with two guests sharing the same
filesystem/mount, but OTOH, you are not using the latest
kernel/tools, IIRC

> The hole hardware is the same like before und also the backup
> system is change and have now the same error!
> no troubles before for 2 years ore more.

could be a change in the filesystem code, or could be that
the error was always there but went undetected (just caused
some subtle filesystem corruption :)

> If a take the old boot disk with CENTOS 5.5 32bit all is ok
> again.

old boot disk, so there is a 'new boot disk' in the game?

> it's only different kernel and vserverutil.

> the mount options on:

> dosn't work on this system vor 2 guest's
> /srv/common/home /home none defaults 0 0

you need to specify a bind mount if you want to share a
directory between two guests ...

> in the logs a have found nothing.
> only this maybe??
> vxW: [»crond«,30790:#3040|3040|3040] messing with the procfs.

that's unrelated ...


> Roman

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> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 10:06:56AM +0200, Roman Pretory wrote:
> > Hello
> > I have now upgaded(new installed) a sytem to Centos 5.5
> > 64bit with a new Kernel.
> > Kernel now from [dhozac-vserver] via RPM.
> > have mouted 2 HDD in the host filesystem and then bind
> > into the guest.
> > It runs very good but the one hdd changes without doing
> > somthing to read only in the hostsystem and so allso
> > in the guest.
> when a filesystem (not the harddisk itsef) switches
> to read-only, it usually does so because there was some
> kind of filesystem corruption or the underlying device
> got flakey in some way (of course, could as well be a
> kernel bug)
> > I have searched if anything have changed in the howto
> > but itseems to be done ok.
> I doubt it has anything (directly) to do with Linux-VServer
> or your guest setup, I'd suggest to consult the host logs
> and the 'dmesg' output, it might shed some light on the
> reason for switching to read-only ...
> if your hard disk actually switches to read-only (and
> not the filesystem) then you might have a (more) serious
> problem with your hardware ....
> HTH,
> Herbert
> > Have anyone an Idee???
> > more infos about the system see below.
> > Many Thanks
> > Roman
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