[vserver] squeeze util-vserver in ben repository

From: Ghislain <gadnet_at_aqueos.com>
Date: Wed 13 Oct 2010 - 17:11:26 BST
Message-ID: <4CB5DA2E.3060503@aqueos.com>

 hello there,

 the squeeze package i made are on http://repo.psand.net/info , i added
test to see if /vservers /var/lib/vservers and /etc/vservers
/usr/local/vservers where link or bind mount to each others so even in
case of special setup this should work. The lenny package are updated
too. Remember:

      Util-Vserver Packages

Two packages are present in the repository:

    * util-vserver-basic - a build using the default util-vserver
      compilation options for those who upgrade from source
    * util-vserver-basic-debian - a build using the usual Debian
      options, recommended if you are migrating from a Debian
      util-vserver package

any feedback is appreciated.


Received on Wed Oct 13 17:12:06 2010
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