[vserver] Feature request "vserver --all / --mark xyz"

From: Ed W <lists_at_wildgooses.com>
Date: Wed 06 Oct 2010 - 19:39:12 BST
Message-ID: <4CACC250.6010306@wildgooses.com>

  Can I make a feature request that would greatly enhance managing my
vserver setup:

I would find it extremely useful if the vserver commands took a
consistent group/mark/something_else parameter which allowed me to
quickly run commands on a group of servers, (ideally overlapping groups
would be possible)

I see that this is already possible for the purposes of
starting/stopping servers, although not I think through the "vserver"
wrapper script directly?

My use case would be something like the following:

vserver -m test_servers start
vserver -m mail_svrs exec "some management commands"

vupdate_world -m live_servers -- -vk
vupdate_world -m 32bit_servers -- -vk
vemerge -m www some_package
(I often don't want to update all servers, just some subset)

I currently have some scripts I hack up to assist with this kind of
thing. I investigated trying to modify the vserver scripts, but I found
it reasonably tricky to understand the inheritance structure of the
scripts and actually how the iteration is done at present?

Grateful if you would consider such a feature request (or enlighten me
if I should really be using some different process..?)

Incidently things tend to get messy when I want to do something a bit
more involved across all my gentoo servers, eg updating openssl libs
(involves rebuilding packages, removing old SSL libs, checking for
breakage, etc). Perhaps other folks already have good success solving
these problems using other tools? Care to share?

Thanks to everyone involved in creating the excellent linux-vserver

Ed W
Received on Wed Oct 6 19:39:30 2010

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