Re: [vserver] Hostname changed to zaphod?

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Mon 26 Apr 2010 - 19:53:06 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 07:58:29PM +0200, Laurens Vets wrote:
> Evening Sirs,

> And now come all the obvious questions... :D

> >>I'm kind of last at the moment. I've upgraded my Slackware 12.0
> >>installation to 12.2 and upgraded the kernel to
> >>

> >>My util-vserver is 0.30.215.

> >which is too old for a recent kernel (it is more than two
> >years since it was released, and back then, nobody knew
> >that the mainline kernel would change :)

> Where can I download a newer version of util-vserver? :)
 -> Downloads
   -> util-vserver pre-releases

which points to:

> >>My vserver guests (still running 12.0) seem to work.
> >
> >they seem to, but as a matter of fact, the isolation is
> >gone and the namespaces are partially non-functional

> Is this 'fixable' by using a newer util-vserver?

yep, recent 0.30.216-pre28xx will fix this after
a guest restart ...

> >>However, when I log in to this machine, the hostname in my prompt is
> >>'zaphod'. When I start screen and create a new terminal, my hostname
> >>(in my prompt) changes to the name of the lastly started vserver...

> >>Has anyone seen this behavior? If so, what's happening here?

> >yep, many debian users have, some gentoo folks too :)
> >what happens is that cloning the namespaces fails because
> >mainline changed the way it needs to be done and the
> >tools are too old to know ...

> See questions above...

see answers above...


> Thanks! :)
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