Re: [vserver] gentoo hardened/vserver

From: Rik Bobbaers <>
Date: Mon 16 Nov 2009 - 09:53:58 GMT
Message-ID: <>

After a few weeks debugging a certain part in pax (by the pax team of
course ;)), i finally managed to get a somewhat decently working combo

there are also some small bugs that were in previous merges that are now
fixed aswel.

anyway, it's available for testing (pls give some feedback if it's
working/what's broken) at:


Rik Bobbaers

linux/unix/system/network/security/hardware/DR admin

> Rik Bobbaers wrote:
>> heya,
>> i don't know how the hardened gentoo stuff works (since i don't use
>> gentoo). but i do know that i created a patch for, with the
>> latest grsecurity/pax patch, but there are issues with e.g. kernexec,
>> which make the kernel unbootable. I contacted the pax team on this
>> issue,
>> and "we" are working on it.
> Another 2p is:
> - Use Rik's last working patch ( ish?) and you should have a
> nice working kernel. The kernel is a separate problem to the rest of
> your userland tools. If you want additional patches then I suggest you
> start with the vserver+grsec+pax patch first since this is a meaty one.
> I doubt you want to merge vserver onto some already patched kernel so
> disregard using gentoo-sources. After that you can pull out any extra
> patches that you feel are relevant, eg from gentoo-sources or whatever
> is your favourite and deal with any merge conflicts.
> - Use gentoo hardened normally...
> Just a quick tip, but you will need latest util-vserver package and also
> you will need to unmask the latest dietlibc version before you build
> util-vserver (if you don't do the later then everything will segfault
> because it gets built against a duff dietlibc package)
> Note that standard hardened recently upgraded to gcc-4.3 and this seems
> to work really nicely, but SSP is not enabled. Also there is an overlay
> with gcc-4.4 which DOES have SSP enabled. I'm not using this with
> vserver, but I do have some builds using it with a uclibc setup (which
> should really give it a workout...) and I haven't yet seen a package
> it's caused bother with... (well apart from python and sandbox - both
> critical system packages, but hey you can work around this fairly
> easily...)
> Thumbs up for vserver + gentoo hardened
> Good luck
> Ed W
Received on Mon Nov 16 09:54:15 2009

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