Re: [vserver] Stabilization has started ...

From: Rik Bobbaers <>
Date: Thu 01 Oct 2009 - 15:38:23 BST
Message-ID: <>

seems like a good time to create a new (and more stable) grsec patch too!

grtzz.. (and of course: thx dreamhost!!!)

Rik Bobbaers

linux/unix/system/network/security/hardware/DR admin

> Dear Community!
> We are happy to announce that we finally started
> stabilization on the way to the next, upcoming stable
> Linux-VServer release!
> This would not have been possible without the help of
> DreamHost and Dallas Kashuba in particular, who
> decided to sponsor the necessary development.
> DreamHost is an environmentally-friendly and employee
> owned hosting company which was among the first to
> offer scalable Linux-VServer hosting options.
> Their custom-built web control panel provides
> straight-forward management of many aspects of the
> server configuration while also allowing you to go
> "off the tracks" and manage it yourself.
> DreamHost relies on many open source projects and
> directly supports Linux-VServer, grsecurity, and the
> XMPP Standards Foundation.
> If you or your company is happily using Linux-VServer
> (or any other FOSS project), please consider donating
> hardware, time or money to it, or get a service or
> support contract with the developer(s) to ensure that
> it will live on and continue to provide hight quality
> free and open source software.
> Big Thanks,
> Herbert
Received on Thu Oct 1 15:38:47 2009

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