Re: [vserver] VS 2.3 Listen to not possible

From: <>
Date: Mon 17 Aug 2009 - 19:27:22 BST
Message-ID: <>

Quoting "Herbert Poetzl" <>:

>> Is this a known bug and may there be any solution for that?
> sounds more like a misconfiguration to me, in particular
> I would opt that your kernel has VSERVER_AUTO_SINGLE
> enabled, and your config does not disable it with ~single_ip
> in nflags, thus you get what you requested for ...
> if adding this flag (and updating util-vserver) doesn't
> 'fix' it for you, please let me know ...
> best,
> Herbert

That kernel I compiled does indeed have the VSERVER_AUTO_SINGLE set.
I'll take it off in the next roll I do. I had intended to set this to
'n', don't know how the 'y' crept back in to the config.

 From Ben Green
Received on Mon Aug 17 19:27:50 2009

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